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Why Wellness Programs?

National studies have shown that employer sponsored wellness is saving companies time and money.  Thus, they are becoming very common in the workplace.

Benefits Planners can customize a wellness plan to fit your company’s needs.  Additionally, we will assist with implementing your plan and motivating/educating your employees to utilize these important benefits.

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Diet and Nutrition

In addition to health tips and bulletins provided directly to you by our carriers, we will give you access to informative newsletters, brochures and workplace posters you can use to promote and distribute to your employees.

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Preventative Health Screenings

We will negotiate with carriers, as well as network providers, for on-or-off-site health screens.  As a result, your employees can receive annual flu shots, blood pressure checks, heart condition or cancer screenings and more.

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Physical Fitness

We will help you promote physical fitness through programs such providing gym memberships and/or exercise coaching.  Our carriers also provide tips and advice on the latest trends in physical fitness.  Accordingly, this may include various forms of physcial activity (dancing, yoga, boxing, etc.).

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Other Wellness

We will arrange and negotiate with professionals to conduct programs such as smoking cessation, substance abuse help, financial wellness seminars and more.

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